BFP notes decreased fire incidents this season compared to last year

BFP intensifies its awareness campaign and training to various sectors as part of its fire prevention campaign

Fire incidents from the month of January-March have decreased this year compared to 2017’s record, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) in this city said on Tuesday.

Fire Officer 2 Mark Anthony Llacuna, assistant information officer of the BFP, said that for 2018, they have only recorded seven fire incidents, compared to last year’s 12 fire incidents.

“Zero fire incident tayo simula nitong pagpasok ng buwan ng Marso. Sana hindi magkaroon. Gagawin po natin ang mga pag-iingat,” he said.

He said that the seven recorded fire incidents in the city this year happened in the month of February.

He explained that after the kick-off the Fire Prevention Month celebration on March 1, and the nationwide 5-minute simultaneous blowing of the siren on March 2, the BFP immediately started its intensive inter-barangay and inter-school lecture, fire drills, and firefighting activity as part of their awareness campaign.

The BFP also has a Berong Bumbero mascot that went around schools as a way of popularizing the campaign to elementary and secondary students.

“Ang ginagawang trainings ng BFP sa mga paaralan at sa barangay ay tuloy-tuloy na. Dito na rin isinasagawa ang training on firefighting,” he explained.

He added that having barangay fire brigades is also important.

“Napaka-importante ang pagkakaroon ng fire brigade sa mga barangay mismo,” he added.

Aside from their awareness campaign, the BFP is likewise involved in various training activities conducted by the city government and those initiated by non-government organizations and institutions.

He said that recently, the BFP was tapped by the Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. and the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) for the two-day Junior Rescue training involving 120 elementary and secondary schools.

Junior Rescue focuses on four areas such as disaster management, fire safety, first aid and road safety. The training is also in partnership with BFP, Philippine Red Cross (PRC), Department of Education (DepEd), and the young professional organization, Junior Chamber International (JCI).

Llacuna said that their office was also tapped by the city government for the urban search and rescue training by the CDRRMO. This training involves scenarios inside the tunnel or confined spaces.

“Meron na ditong tinatawag natin na high angle and low angle rescue. Ito yun may nagpakamatay sa itaas ng building o kaya ay nahulog sa bangin,” he explained.

He further explained that high angle is rope technique used to rescue injured or incapacitated persons on terrain and slopes. It involves the need to hoist the victim using ropes, pulleys, harnesses, and similar devices.

“Ini-encourage na ngayon na dapat may instructor sa bawat BFP ng mga bayan. Para mas maka-focus sa awareness dun mismo sa kanilang community,” he said.

Part of the BFP’s functions is to inspect all the 11,000 business establishments in the city specifically to its compliance with Fire Safety Code.

“Ang Life and Safety Requirement ng mga establishments, yan ang focus natin. Dapat merong at least dalawang fire exits, na may illumination, may ilaw dapat na maliwanag. Ang alarm din ay hindi dapat na mawala. Merong automatic o manual alarm sa mga establishments lalo na sa mga hotels,” he said.

Secondary requirements are firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers in the establishments, he added.

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