If you find yourself craving Middle Eastern food, or just simply craving something different in your taste buds, Bersian Restaurant is waiting to satisfy your food palette.

You will know it’s good when you see tourists from the Middle East eat here. They say they feel “home away from home” when they eat at Bersian. But really, it’s as good as it gets in Puerto Princesa.

Bersian was established February this year when two Filipino couples who spent some of their years in the Middle East decided they want to provide authentic Middle Eastern food here in Puerto Princesa.

You would think that the name Bersian has something to do with Persian but it’s really a combination of the two couple’s kids’ names – Amber, Simone, and Ioan.

Although this is a small restaurant with limited seating, it has a very cozy and homey ambiance.

When you see the serving and you smell the food, you’d know you’ll be in for a treat. Their hummus is silky smooth, perfectly seasoned, and balanced with the right amount of spices.

Photo courtesy of Bersian Restaurant

There are many vegetarian options on the menu, which is great for people with restricted diets.

You’ll like the minimal oil on the falafel plus veggies and the added lemon zing from the sauce, enveloped in nice, soft pita pocket.

Everything is made from scratch with no artificial flavoring and no preservatives added. Even their pita bread is made daily.

Prices are very reasonable. On average, one would spend around P300 per head and get a decent and wholesome meal. It’s best to dine in a small group so that you could try out the different dips and small plates.

Bersian offers fresh and authentic Mediterranean experience in Puerto Princesa. Should you ever decide to visit, you owe it to yourself to try their Baklava. It’s a popular Turkish dessert but instead of using pistachio, Bersian decided to use cashew as it’s more available and to also support local cashew farmers.

One more tip, pair the Baklava with some of their aromatic hot drinks like Karak tea or Turkish coffee and that’s one more craving satisfied.

Bersian’s baklava is a must-try. They use local cashew instead of pistachio to support local cashew farmers in Palawan

Check them out at Stellar Grounds in Rizal Avenue extension. Open from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. Monday to Saturday and on Sundays 2 p.m.-11 p.m.