Miss Global 2024 third runner-up Pearl Hung.

Pearl Hung, recently crowned as the 3rd runner-up in Miss Global 2024 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, encourages Palaweñas to persist in embracing self-belief, emphasizing the “transformative power” of confidence and faith in unlocking opportunities.

During a press gathering on February 29, following her arrival, Hung expressed her pride in Palaweñas, noting their resilience and determination, describing them as “palaban” when striving to achieve their goals.

“Keep on believing in yourself that you can. Because once you believe, that is when creativity starts in your life—what to do—and the opportunities will appear if you believe in yourself,” she said.

“Always dream, always ensure that you value your time—value yourself, because, sabi nga nila, time is really gold, and it is,” she emphasized, echoing the timeless wisdom, underscoring the importance of confidence for women in seizing valuable opportunities along their journey.

Hung pointed out that when women adopt such an attitude, they can acquire a wealth of treasures, stressing the need for them to authentically choose what is best for their own journey.

She also accentuated the value of crafting personal action plans or blueprints, ensuring they align with their desired life destinations.

As an entrepreneur in Puerto Princesa City, Hung expressed her intention to organize numerous transformational and healing workshops this year.

She connected this aspiration to her experience as a foster child at the age of three, which also fuels her desire to establish her own orphanage.

“That will really give the inspiration na hindi porket orphan ako ay life will knock you down. You need to rise above it,” she said.

As Miss Global 2024’s third runner-up, Hung, intends to make a cinematic impact, leveraging her expertise as a content creator. She claimed this is her quality that the organization wants her to explore.

“The organization really loves what I do about podcast empowerment, and he wants to do that as well for Miss Global. Sabi niya, let’s do a podcast about beauty queens—how empowering they are and how they’ve transformed sa life nila kasi there’s a lot of unheard stories,” she said.

She said the organizer of the pageant is also interested in documenting her life and turning it into a movie.