President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has warned the 57 newly-promoted National Police officers which are comprised of four Police Lieutenant Generals, 10 Police Major Generals, and 43 Police Brigadier Generals that they should be free from any form of corruption in order to earn the trust of the people during the oath taking ceremony in Malacanang Tuesday afternoon.

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Tuesday said his administration will adopt a zero-tolerance policy on erring cops.

President Marcos, during the oath-taking of the newly promoted star rank officers of the PNP in Malacañang, said he will not be lenient on police corruption and human rights abuses.

“I must emphasize our zero-tolerance policy for corruption and human rights abuses within the PNP. We will exact only the highest standards from our police force,” he said.

“Mark my words: There will be no room for leniency for those who engage in acts that tarnish the reputation of our police and jeopardize the safety of our people,” he added.

The President said police officers have the duty to uphold the highest standards of ethics, professionalism, and compassion for human rights among the citizens.

Marcos encouraged the new officers to keep their integrity at all times and remain steadfast in their commitment to public service even amidst the many challenges faced by police institution.

He added that he would expect the new police officials to always lead by example, fulfill their duties with utmost competence, integrity, and responsibility, and ensure that every officer and personnel under their command also adheres to the highest standards and principles.

The public needs a police force, he explained, that is capable, professional, and responsive to the needs of the communities. He advised the PNP to foster closer ties with the communities.

“As you embark on your new roles in the Philippine National Police, I challenge you to be agents of positive change, the change that we want to establish in our country,” Marcos said.

Marcos made an assurance that his administration will be supportive of the PNP’s plans and programs, especially those that bolster its capabilities.

“As you perform your duties in securing our people, you and your families can rest assured of the government’s full support for your welfare and overall well-being,” Marcos said.

There were 57 newly-promoted PNP officials, comprising of four Police Lieutenant Generals, 10 Police Major Generals, and 43 Police Brigadier Generals.

Among them were Police Lt. Generals Rhodel Sermonia, Acting Deputy Chief for Administration; Michael John Dubria, Acting Deputy Chief for Operations; Rhoderick Armamento, Commander of the Area Police Command-Southern Luzon; and, Filmore Escobal, Commander of the Area Police Command-Eastern Mindanao.

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