Bataraza village official killed in croc attack

Two crocodiles attack and kill a resident of Bataraza (File Photo)

Two crocodiles attacked and killed a 53-year man Friday at the Malitub River in Bataraza, according to a police report.

The victim was identified as Abdulsalam Amerhasan, barangay secretary of Barangay Malitub, and a resident of the area.

Police investigation revealed that the about 8PM Thursday, the victim went to check his motorboat at Malitub river which was on a high tide.

The victim’s wife, identified as Hamda Amerhasan, got worried when her husband failed to return after an hour and sought help from their neighbors to find him.

The search party eventually discovered the body of the victim being bitten by the two crocodiles.

Bataraza has been the site of several crocodile attacks and sightings near community areas, a phenomenon experts attribute to the disturbance of the natural mangrove and swamp habitats.

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