Baragatan sa Palawan no more?

Source: Baragatan 2015 Facebook Fan Page

The Provincial Government of Palawan is yet to issue an official statement on whether or not there will be a celebration of “Baragatan sa Palawan” this year.

Mr. Merwin Ledesma from the Office of the Governor and Provincial Information Office admitted that as of today, there are no grand preparations yet, this in spite the fact that the celebration’s usual kickoff date–around middle of June–is fast approaching.

According to Ledesma, there definitely will be activities to commemorate the founding anniversary of the civil government of Palawan on June 23. “That’s definite. But so as to other major activities for Baragatan, that still needs to be finalized,” he said.

‘Baragatan sa Palawan’ is an annual local celebration where the province’s 23 municipalities converge to celebrate the Foundation Day of the Palawan. Traditionally, booths for each municipality are set up at the Provincial Capitol to showcase the salient features of each municipality, such as in terms of popular product, activities or tourist destinations. The Baragatan is considered as one of the most-anticipated annual events organized by the provincial government.

There are reports received by Palawan News that there are municipalities that expressed no interest in participating in this year’s Baragatan because of budgetary difficulties, while other chief executives lose last May 9, 2016 elections.

While people has to wait if a Baragatan celebration will officially materialize this year, Ledesma assured that “Mayron naman…hindi nga lang siguro kasing bongga ng dati,” he added. (“There will be [a celebration], only that it will not be as grand as previous ones,” he said.

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