Baragatan sa Palawan, the province’s annual convergence festival, will have its grand opening on June 16 at the PGP Convention Center. The event will include several activities such as the Misa ng Pasasalamat at Pagkakaisa, Parada ng mga Palaweno, Float Competition, and Pantigoan sa Dalan.

Check this list for important schedules during the celebration.

May 29-June 23
*Baragatan Festival Vlogging Contest (NCCC Mall)

June 3-4
*Chatter’s Therapy Center – free clinic for Palaweno PWD (VJR Hall)

June 8
*National simultaneous Earthquake Drill (Capitol Compound)

June 9
*CTO – CBST Convention (PGP Convention Center)
*Eucharistic Celebration & Blessing of Booths (PGP Convention Center)
*Launch of FB Reels, Selfie, Groufie Contest (Fernandez street)

June 9-25
*IP Tribal Village (Capitol Compound)
*LGU Trade Fair (Capitol Compound)
*Caraenan sa Dalan with Konsyerto sa Baragatan (Fernandez Street)
*Meriendahan sa Baragatan (Capitol Compound)
*Halamanan sa Baragatan Garden show (Capitol Compound)
*Private Trade Fair (Capitol Compound)
*Palawan Souvenir Trade Fair (Capitol Compound)
*Arts Exhibit(Capitol Compound)
*Radyo Baragatan (Capitol Compound)

June 10-11
*4th Baragatan Inter-Municipality Futsal Tournament (PGP Convention Center)

June 12-15
*Parabutilan sa Baragatan (Boxing Competition) (PGP Convention Center)

June 12-24
*Baragatan Inter-LGU Basketball Tournament (PGP Convention Center)

June 13
*Henyong Palaweno (NCCC Convention Center)

*Mutya ng Palawan Sashing (VJR Hall)
*Mutya ng Palawan Press Presentation

June 14
*Usaping Para sa OFW (VJR Hall)

June 14-15
*Provincial Cooperative Convention (La Charica Inn)

June 14-16
*Table tennis (Robinson’s activity area)

June 15
*GAD Capacity Building (VJR Hall)
*Senior Citizen’s Night (Gazebo )
*Bida Ka Sa Barangayan sa Bargatan 2023 (Costa Palawan Resort)

June 16
*Misa ng Pasasalamat at Pagkakaisa (PGP Convention Center)
*Baragatan Festival Grand Opening Program (PGP Convention Center)
*Parada ng mga Palaweno (Puerto Princeta Baywalk – Capitol)
*Float Competition (Puerto Princeta Baywalk – Capitol)
*Pantigoan sa Dalan (Puerto Princeta Baywalk – Capitol)
*Sponsor’s Night – CBNC (PGP Convention Center)

June 17
*Bidalagan sa baragatan – Launching of DILG-PGP BIDA Program (Puerto Princeta Baywalk – Capitol)

  • SILG Presscon (VJR Hall)
    *Araw ngmga Batang Anghel (Robinson’s Activity Area)

June 17-18
*Evening with Classics XIII Featuring the PHILIPPINE PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (PGP Convention Center)

June 17-19
*World’s Best Island Travel & Tourism Fair (Robinson’s Activity Area)

June 18
*Tunog Palawan – Song Writing Contest (VJR Hall)

June 19
*PESO Jobb Fair (NCCC’s Activity Area)
*Baragatan sa Panlalawigang Piitan (PJMD)
*Inter LGU Basketball – Championship (PSU Gym)
*Gabi Y Ang Koltrang Palaweno (PGP Convention Center)
*Gabi ng Kulturang Pilipino (PGP Convention Center)
*Mutya Ng Palawan Talent & Costume Competition (NCCC Mall/VJR Hall)

June 20
*It’s A Dog’s World (Gazebo)
*Mutya ng Palawan Preliminaru Competition
*Gabi ng Kristyanismo (PGP Convention Center)
*GDMS Gabi ng Parangal (VJR Hall)

June 20-21
*2nd Junior Rescue Olympics (PPC Baywal/ PDRRMO Headquarters)

June 21
*Mutya ng Palawan Pre-Judging (Club 200)
*Show Mo, Pet Mo (Gazebo)
*Palawan Pop Idol (PGP Convention Center)
*DepEd Night (Gazebo)
*Sponsor’s Night – SMB (PGP Convention Center)

June 22
*Livestock and Poultry Seminar and Forum (VJR Hall)
*Mutya ng Palawan Grand Corornation Night (PGP Convention Center)

June 23
*Misa nng Pasasalamat at Pagkakaisa (VJR Hall)
*Saraotan sa Dalan (Mendoza Park – Capitol)
*Awarding of Prizes – FB Reels, Selfie, Groufie, LGU Trade Fair, Garden show, Painting Contest (PGP Convention Center)
*Coca Cola Night (Caraenan)
*Indakan sa Baragatan (Hiphop Competition) (PGP Convention Center)

June 23-25
*!st Baragata Invitational Badminton (ESJ Badminton Court)
*1st Baragatan Tennis Tournament (Sports Complex)

June 24
*Karunungan at Talakayan sa Baragatan Para sa mga Katutubong Palaweno (VJR Hall)
*Baragatan Head Dress Competition (NCCC Mall)
*Sponsor’s Night – GSM (PGP Convention Center)

June 24-25
*4th Baragatan Frisbee Competion (Sports Complex)
*Shootfest (Iwahig Firing Range)

June 25
*Palawan Pawnshop Marathon
*MLBB Tournament powered by TM (PGP Convention Center)

June 30
*Pista ng kalikasan (Campong Ulay Rizal)