A photo of Inocencio Garesones Gabarato,a member of Bantay Gubat of Roxas town (Photo Courtesy: Police Regional Office MIMAROPA)

A member of the Bantay Gubat survived a murder attempt on Tuesday afternoon in Barangay Magara, Roxas.

Regional police spokesperson P/Lt. Colonel Socrates Faltado said Inocencio Garesones Gabarato, 47, was shot multiple times by an unidentified assailant on October 15 in Magara but survived after he was immediately brought to the hospital to receive emergency treatment.

Gabarato sustained gunshot wounds in the stomach, right elbow, and right thigh, the investigation report claimed.

The report from Faltado said the police’s follow-up investigation is leading to the angle that Gabarato was shot by the unidentified suspect to exact punishment because he was instrumental in the confiscation of a generator being used by illegal miners in Roxas last week.

The confiscation was reportedly part of an anti-illegal mining operation by the Bantay Gubat in Roxas.

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