Ban on wildlife meat sought

The city government is considering a proposal to ban the selling and serving of exotic meat dishes in local dining establishments as a measure to protect Palawan’s endangered wildlife.

Councilor Modesto Rodriguez, the principal author of the resolution filed this week before the City Council, said the ban will help the government implement the special law on wildlife protection or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act of 2001.

If approved, among the meat products that will be covered by the ban are the Palawan wild boar (baboy damo), the Palawan monitor lizard (bayawak) and the grouper species “senyorita.” In addition, the proposed ban will cover the entire list of endangered species identified in the Philippine wildlife act, apart from exotic meat or those wild species that are introduced into the country.

“Being the country’s last ecological frontier, it is the responsibility of the City Government of Puerto Princesa to initiate measures to protect and conserve the sanctity of wildlife species in order to maintain and/or preserve a healthy and balanced ecology,” said Rodriguez.

Under Rodriguez proposal however, establishment may seek a permit from relevant government agencies that will grant them exemption from the coverage of the ordinance.

If approved, the ordinance will be called the “Endangered/Exotic Meat Ban”.

Under PCSD Resolution 15-521, the updated list of “threatened terrestrial and marine wildlife in Palawan includes critically endangered species of 10 birds; eight reptiles; six mammals, counting in the Calamian mouse deer (usa), Irrawaddy dolphin (lampasut/lumba-lumba), and Palawan pangolin (balintong); five freshwater fish; the coconut crab (alimangong lupa/umang); and sharks and rays.

Endangered species include 28 kinds of birds; six reptiles, counting in variable monitor lizard; nine mammals, taking in the Philippine long-tailed macaque monkey (matsing) and the Palawan bearded pig; three amphibians; two freshwater fish; two marine species like the panther grouper (señorita); eight bivalves with three important kinds of clams; five gartropods; the great hammerhead shark; four sea cucumbers; and many other vulnerable species.

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