Ballot boxes loaded in a wrong plane now safe

These are the ballot boxes that were sent to Manila today for COMELEC recount.

Puerto Princesa City Election Officer Ferdinand Bermejo has confirmed that the 69 ballot boxes that were mistakenly loaded in a wrong airline were succesfully turned-over to the custody of Philippine Postal Office in Manila.

According to Bermejo, there were two flights of Philippine Airlines arrived at the Puerto Princesa City Airport this afternoon and the departure time was only few minutes apart. The cargo forwarder in- charge of the ballot boxes mistakenly loaded it to the other plane of PAL.

“Dalawang eroplano kasi na magkasabay. Nauna lang ng 20 minutes ‘yung mga cargo tapos sumunod na rin kami,” Bermejo said.

Upon deplaning at the airport they immediately claimed the ballot boxes and they found no traces of possible tampering.

“Right there and then we inspect at intact ang seal and all boxes are in good condition,” Bermejo said.
Bermejo added that representatives of each party were witness to the condition of the ballot boxes.

“Nandito kami lahat kasama ang mga representatives at wala namang problema,” he said.

A total of 69 ballot boxes of the 380 used during the recall elections last May 8 in Puerto Princesa City were sent today to Manila for the start of the recount process of the COMELEC.

If there is a substantial difference in the recount of the first 69 ballots, the election agency will order that the remaining ballot boxes will be sent to Manila.

But, if the result will not show any big difference in the results, the recount process will not be continued.

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