Tucked away in the serene stretch of Silom Silom, Barangay Catagupan, Balabac Eco Resort extends beyond the concept of a typical lodging; it stands as a portal to an untainted paradise. Since its opening in January 2024, this hidden gem has been inviting guests to immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant culture of Balabac.

“Our goal was to create a sanctuary where people could not only enjoy the pristine environment of Balabac but also feel at home,” resort owner Bren Evangelista told Palawan News.

“We envisioned a retreat that shares the beauty of Balabac with the world,” he added.

Unique for every traveler

The resort offers a unique blend of accommodations to cater to every traveler. Whether it’s the rustic charm of camping tents, the cozy fan-room A-frame huts, or the luxurious air-conditioned geodesic domes, guests can find their perfect retreat.

Currently, Balabac Eco Resort is enhancing its amenities, with plans underway for a restaurant, cocktail bar, natural pool, gym, and spa.

“We’re also introducing luxury speedboat services allowing guests to explore the islands in style,” Evangelista shared.

Culinary experiences and local flavors
Indulging in dining at Balabac Eco Resort is akin to embarking on a culinary odyssey through the vibrant flavors of Filipino cuisine. Guests have the option of relishing private dining experiences or partaking in group tour dining, savoring dishes crafted from the finest local ingredients.

Although there are no signature dishes as of yet, the resort promises unforgettable dining escapades, including bonfires, beachfront lunches, and enchanting karaoke nights beneath the gleaming stars.

Adventures await

For those with an adventurous spirit, the resort presents exhilarating island expedition tours, with exciting plans in the works to incorporate diving, free diving, and sports fishing into the experience.

However, the standout feature is the exclusive secret island tour—an unparalleled adventure that immerses guests in an authentic local experience. Travelers can enjoy a day of exploration that starts with a hearty lunch at a typical local home and includes opportunities for fishing, scuba diving, and buying freshly caught lobsters.

“Our secret island tour offers an immersive experience,” Evangelista explains. “Guests can live like locals for a day, enjoying the simplicity and beauty of island life.”

This distinctive excursion promises unforgettable moments and a deeper connection to the culture and natural wonders of the place.

Commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Balabac Eco Resort’s operations. The resort utilizes solar power for lighting and educates guests about marine conservation. Partnering with local fishermen and farmers, the resort supports the community and promotes sustainable practices. Waste management is handled with eco-friendly systems, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

“We’re committed to preserving Balabac’s natural beauty. Almost all our resources are sourced locally, and we support local education through scholarships,” Evangelista emphasized.

Genuine hospitality

The resort’s staff, predominantly locals, are trained to provide top-notch service while retaining the warmth and hospitality intrinsic to their culture. Multilingual staff are on hand to assist international guests, ensuring a seamless and welcoming experience.

“One of our guests described their trip as the best they had ever experienced,” Evangelista recalled.

“That kind of feedback motivates us to keep improving and offering memorable experiences,” he stressed.

Future visions

Looking ahead, Balabac Eco Resort plans to enhance its offerings with additional geodesic domes, a spa, gym, natural pool, and floating dock.

“Our vision is to become the top destination in Balabac,” Evangelista says, “providing an authentic, homey vibe and a deep connection to local culture.”

Authentic marketing and heartfelt moments
The resort relies on word-of-mouth and authentic guest experiences for promotion.

“We believe in the power of authenticity. By offering genuine experiences, we attract guests who appreciate the beauty and simplicity of Balabac,” he noted.

The tale of a Spanish visitor who cried while reluctance to leave the resort’s beauty captures one unforgettable moment that encapsulates its impact.

“Our place feels like home to many guests,” Evangelista concludes. “Creating that feeling is our greatest achievement.””