Basics are learned from nature – where the water is raging, where the mountains are unforgiving, where the thrill is unnerving and where you fall unprepared. Basics are where we all want to go back to when we’re lonely, we’re confused, we’re happy, we’re grateful – where you can hide and replenish your strength. Why don’t we go back to the basic now and revisit what it was to like to be still and calm? Why don’t we go somewhere silent, somewhere lush, somewhere basic – somewhere called The Lonely Beach.

The Lonely Beach Activity List

The Lonely Beach is a cove in the west of Palawan that has one of the longest shores and calmest and clearest waters on still days. On sunny days, the waters will treat you to miles and miles of azure serene paradise. Uncrowded and unspoiled – this place a heaven for those who seek silence and who long for the embrace of nature. The sand, the crystal clear waters and the way how it gets gradually deeper, the cold breeze from the west, the view of Mount Herschel – it’s more than you could ever ask for.

Located beyond the Saddle, the road to The Lonely Beach is one of the jump-off for climbing Mt. Herschel – a 400 to 500 Meters above Sea Level (MaSL) mountain southwest of Mt. Airy. From the beach, it’s peak is a view to behold, invisible at times – when the sea of clouds clothes the summit, and oftentimes flirty – to those who climb for thrill and fun.

Is it just I or the beach makes us all hungry – thankfully, the Lonely Beach knows this too. The-food-is-superb. Prepared by their resident chef, the selection ranges from crab satay to grilled fish, balbacua to baby back ribs, from Filipino cuisine to tropical island savories – everything tastes like home and a surprise adventure at the same time!

Weeks after every summer, in the onset of the rainy season, the coast in the west of Palawan transforms into that of a surfer’s dream. The Lonely Beach, may it be calm during summer, is a picture of swells turning into waves and white foams of water hastily rushing to the shore where you can watch pro-surfers catch their waves or where you can learn how to ride your own. Surfing sessions in partnership with certified surfing instructors from Endemik Surf School are available for local and foreign thrill seekers. Imagine yourself on the deck of the board, conquering your fear, surpassing your self-expectation, reaching your goal and riding above the raging water, or just staying still, letting the water sway you into the calm shore.

When was the last time that you waited for the sun to set – on the beach, beer on hand, music softly lulling the sound of the waves and worries tucked behind? The Lonely beach got one of the best spot to marvel into this most scenic sunset on the island. Go get lazy, disconnect from the online world, dig your toes into the sand and wait for the streaks oranges and vermilions burn the teal of the ocean – when the sky bleed of beautiful colors of the sunset.

How to get there
The Lonely Beach is located at the far end of Tagkawayan Beach west of Puerto Princesa City, south of Nagtabon Beach. As of the moment, it is only accessible via private four-wheel drive vehicles or cross and ATV motorbikes – the road is quite hard to traverse, it gets worse on rainy season. The road construction is nearly complete except for the last section of the Saddle – for hassle-free and safe transfers, future visits and surfing lesson, visit or contact (048) 434-1073 / 0917-775-6782.

Photos courtesy of Pat Aquino and Bert Andone

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