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The Ignominy of the Cross

As we enter “the week that changed the world”, there is always a tendency to go through these holy days without realizing that what...

Divorce Affects All

With reports that the Absolute Divorce Bill has hurdled the House of Representatives’ Committee on Population and Family Relations, the proponents of the bill...

Squid Game and the Dignity of Human Life

The Netflix series Squid Game took the world by storm. It was the #1 trending show on the streaming site for weeks and is...

Decency in Discourse, Charity in Truth

While disagreements and differences are inevitable, our shared dignity demands the utmost decency in our discourse. Now that the plebiscite is over, and the will...

Virtual Marriage: A Flawed Solution to an Illusory Problem

In the bill’s Explanatory Note, the perceived necessity for virtual marriages was justified as “the current COVID-19 pandemic has caused the postponement and cancellation of many wedding ceremonies because of the prohibition on mass gatherings, observance of physical distancing and health risks posed to everyone...”

The Revival of the Death Penalty: A Step In Regression

Before the impassioned debates begin, it is good to examine the current legal framework that the death penalty bills need to contend with if it is to be reinstituted in the country.

The 3 in 1 Palawan Supreme Court Decision Simplified

Given the significance of the Supreme Court’s Decision in the life of every Palaweño, it must be read and understood by all. A good grasp of the Court’s wisdom might help put an end to the division caused by an issue understandably close to our hearts.

Mayor Danao’s Preventive Suspension Explained

The Resolution springs from administrative charges of Grave Misconduct, Gross Negligence, and Conduct Prejudicial to the Best Interest of Service, filed by Vice Mayor Lumba and the members of the Sangguniang Bayan of Narra.

The Life of the Law: Freedom in the Time of a...

The cause for great concern, however, is the overlooked fact that regardless of the type of community quarantine, the real possibility of contracting and spreading the dreaded COVID-19 still looms.

The Life of the Law: Beyond the Bar

Through a feat only a handful is able to achieve, Atty. Jocelyn brought much-needed glee by showcasing to the nation the excellence of Palaweños and the quality of legal education in the province.

THE LIFE OF THE LAW: In Defense of Self-Defense

While only a court of justice can definitively settle this issue after a thorough study of the facts and scrutiny of the evidence, it is opportune to take a closer look at the nature of “Self-Defense” widely considered as a possible justification for the police officer.

The Life of the Law

For the acts punished under Bayanihan to Heal as One Act, the penalty is imprisonment of two months, or a fine ranging from ten thousand pesos to one million pesos, or both, at the discretion of a court of justice.