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Illegal plant trade, tourism threaten new Philippine flowering herbs

The situation has raised concerns among plant taxonomists who recently described a new Philippine-endemic species of begonia, a perennial herb with light pink flowers and captivating foliage, popular in the ornamental plant trade.

Gray areas and weak policies mar lucrative Asian trade in live...

Mahusay is one of the more than 200 traders in the Philippine island province of Palawan engaged in mariculture, a type of aquaculture where wild-caught fish are grown in enclosed pens. “I buy wild-caught suno juveniles from hook-and-line fishers and then grow the fish in a cage until such time they reach the marketable plate size,” he tells Mongabay.

This Philippine butterfly had a mistaken identity for years, until its...

It wasn’t until August last year that Badon had an epiphany. While browsing the same book and after a closer look at the butterfly’s wings, he noticed that unlike the true A. p. montana, this butterfly’s forewing underside cell end spot was funnel-shaped.

City top cop linked to assault on environmental officer

The group was arrested without a warrant and was detained until 4 p.m. the same day. Both the city police and Puerto Princesa’s CENRO office declined to comment on the incident when Mongabay reached out.

Pandemic lockdown gives Philippine province time to rethink planned split-up

The plebiscite initially set for May 11, would have given nearly half a million voters in Palawan the choice of whether or not to accept Republic Act 11259, which would split the 1.5-million-hectare (3.7-million-acre) province — the biggest in the country — into three smaller ones: Palawan del Norte, Palawan Oriental, and Palawan del Sur.

No tourism income, but this Philippine community still guards its environment

A world-famous tourist destination in the Philippines, Palawan receives more than a million tourists annually; Siete Pecados’ vibrant coral reefs, part of the 36% of the country’s total coral cover, welcomed 51,000 visitors in 2019 alone.

BUSUANGA: 20 Must-See Attractions in ‘The Last Shade of Paradise’

Tucked away in northern Palawan, Busuanga is a small island town with big tourism potentials awaiting discovery. Offering lots of opportunities to disconnect from life's...