Australian street artist paints mural at Puerto’s art hub

Noted street artist and art teacher Stuart Walsh from Ballarat, Australia was in town on a brief tour early this week and painted a mural at Puerto Princesa’s cozy art hub Willow Tree along the Rizal Avenue strip in Purok Malaya, Bancao-Bancao.

The mural, which Walsh entitled Under Palawan’s Sea, was painted on the towering firewall of Best Western Ivy Wall Hotel adjoining the Willow Tree property. Walsh used spray paint to depict Palawan’s underwater beauty and lush marine life.

Walsh, who was accompanied by Diokno Pasilan, a Filipino painter based in Ballarat, told Palawan News in an interview he wanted to share his art to the public and agreed to do the mural at the newly opened art supplies hub owned by Anito Prieto and Agatha Henry.

“I feel like it’s like with anything people do, if you practice something all the time, and you just keep it to yourself, then you start to wonder what’s the point,” Walsh said.

Walsh completed the mural in a total 10 hours of painting time using spray paint which is his favorite medium, according to Anito’s mother and art luminary Dinggot Conde-Prieto.

“It is a joy, it’s an enjoyment thing to share. You’re always worried that people won’t like it. As long as people get a positive response, it’s a real pleasure. It fills your heart with joy,” Walsh said.

Walsh and Pasilan will also be visiting San Vicente, Palawan, where they will conduct an art class for elementary school children.

Their initiative to hold art classes will also extend to Puerto Princesa in the near future, with other international artists joining them.

Walsh conveyed a message to Palaweño artists, encouraging them to pursue their love and passion for the arts.

“Keep doing what you love and work hard at it. There is a career in the arts. Sometimes people’s parents say, Oh, you’ll never get a job in the arts, but there is work in the arts. I always encourage people to follow their passion,” he stated.

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