Board Member Juan Anton Alvarez (Photo courtesy of Provincial Information Office)

Reacting on the “word war” between the civil society movements and the provincial government concerning the creation of three Palawan provinces, newly-elected board member Juan Anton Alvarez urged all parties involved in the discussion to observe “social media decorum and avoid personal attacks”.

Alvarez said that educating the people on the pros and cons of the Palawan split should be backed up with evidence to establish facts.

“Magkakaroon naman ng pagkakataon ang mga Palawenyong mag-desisyon sa pamamagitan ng plebisito. Let the people decide. Go to the barangays and talk to people,” Alvarez said.

He said that exchanges of personal attacks are not beneficial to Palaweños and only create more confusion instead of helping them make an informed decision.

The young board member, a son of former 1st Legislative House representative Antonio Alvarez and brother of now Rep. Franz “Chicoy” Alvarez, said that what really matters is the truthful dissemination of information to people in a way that they can understand so they can decide their future and the fate of the province.

“Dapat stick lang tayo sa batas na ginawa. Nawawala kasi tayo sa totoong usapin,” Alvarez said.

He further added that 3-in-1 Palawan has already commenced its information and education campaign about the creation of three provinces, stating its the “right thing to do” to get what the people want.

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