Renowned Filipino artist Anthony Jandusay will be showcasing his latest collection, Flores De Mayo, in his first solo exhibition in Boac, Marinduque.

The exhibition, which will open on May 18, at Casa de Don Emilio will pay homage to the artist’s childhood memories of Flores de Mayo celebrations.

Jandusay’s Flores De Mayo collection features paintings that capture the intricacies, fragilities, and temporariness of flowers. The artist’s partiality to the impasto technique is evident in the paintings, which showcase the play of light, broad brushstrokes, and three-dimensional rendering that add to their dynamism and emotional quality.

Jandusay’s reputation as an artist was first established in Metro Manila and then abroad, where he received an award for his painting interpreting the literary work of an esteemed writer based in the US. He has also joined numerous group shows together with prominent Filipino artists, and two of his paintings were featured in a book published in India. He is currently one of the semi-finalists in the ongoing Philippine Art Awards.

The exhibit’s venue, Casa de Don Emilio, is a heritage restaurant serving heirloom cuisine, and the exhibition marks a milestone in its history. The restaurant plans to hold more exhibits in the future, making it a must-visit destination for art and food enthusiasts.

The opening reception of the Flores De Mayo exhibition promises to be a festive affair, bringing together art lovers, locals, and visitors from other parts of the country. The event provides an excellent opportunity to witness Jandusay’s talent and appreciation for the beauty of nature and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Boac, Marinduque.

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