Personnel of the Coast Guard Substation Buliluyan assist in the retrieval operation of the body of crocodile attack victim Menandro Francisco in Taganak River, Bataraza, southern Palawan. (Photo from the Philippine Coast Guard)

[Updated 1:40 p.m.] A man reported missing two days ago was found on June 7 at the mouth of the Taganak River in Barangay Puring, Bataraza town.

Menandro Francisco, 31, was named as the man who, on June 5, allegedly came under attack from a crocodile while spearfishing in the river, the Bataraza Municipal Police Station (MPS) said in a report. He was a resident of Sitio Patagpatag in the same area.

With the aid of personnel from the Coast Guard Substation Buliluyan who carried out the retrieval operation, his own family members discovered his body around 9 a.m. on June 7.

“Investigation revealed that on June 5, 2024, at 10:00 PM, the subject person and his two companions went spearfishing at the river of the said barangay. His two companions noticed that the subject person was missing. Upon searching, they saw the flashlight of the victim at the bottom of the river,” the police report stated.

His body was discovered in the river, and a crocodile estimated to be 14 feet long was spotted under the victim.

Francisco is the fifth person to have been attacked by a crocodile since January of this year.

The fourth incident involved Monelba Sariol, 60, a resident of Brgy. Malitub in Bataraza, who was attacked on June 5 while doing laundry near a river.

This June, two crocodile attacks have already been reported in Bataraza.

Last month, 18-year-old Normelito Siplan from Brgy. Sapa, also in Bataraza, died following a crocodile attack.

The young victim, along with three other fishermen, went night fishing at the mouth of the Sapa River. Around 11 p.m., his companions grew concerned when they noticed that their boat, which was secured to Siplan’s waist, was being dragged away from the shallow waters.