Left photo by @regivalenzuela90. Right photo from @therealangellocsin

Newlywed couple Neil Arce and Angel Locsin have opened their home “virtually” to their followers and supporters through their “The Angel and Neil Channel” on the online video sharing and social networking site Youtube.

Angel made the announcement on her IG account on Thursday, sharing a picture of herself with their pet dog and Neil sitting on the steps in front of their house.

The television and film actress said while everyone does their hardest to obey the regulations two years into the pandemic, everyone now craves human interaction more than ever.

“So, we had this idea to use our platforms and break this invincible wall surrounding us. We decided to open the doors of our home and let you in virtually,” Angel said.

“By sharing our journey, we hope you’d allow us to connect with you, and let us be part of your journey as well,” she said. The episode of the virtual tour of their home will happen on Saturday, August 21, at 6pm.

Neil and Angel, who tied the knot on July 26 in a civil wedding in Taguig, started their Youtube channel in September 2020. The vlog showing their wedding was dated August 14 on their channel.

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