One thing we love about covering cruise ship port calls is the chance to step aboard them and taking a look at what’s inside where we couldn’t all go because this kind of travel is not, sadly, for everyone.

On March 20, the MS Insignia (by Oceania Cruises) made its maiden call to the port of Puerto Princesa on a bright and sunny day. The 180.45-meter Regatta class cruise ship was more than 30 minutes late in arriving because Captain Damir Kurilic said it was “very windy” on the way.

It’s the 10th cruise ship to be welcomed in the city this year out of 14 port calls.


And because Palawan News got the chance to join the City Tourism Office’s party (led by Ms. Aileen Cynthia Amurao) on an unguided tour up the ship, we want to pay that forward by sharing with you these 10 photos that will tell you why many people (like us) in the world want to make this kind of vacation their life goal.

Happy travels!

Deck 5 of the MS Insignia has this comfy living room ensemble where you can relax and enjoy while listening to live piano music.


Shopping isn’t a problem because the cruise ship has it all on Deck 5 — from designer casual wears, fragrances, to fine jewelry sets and pieces.


Did anyone say casino? MS Insignia describes this place on Deck 5 as its action-packed zone for those who want to try their luck on the card tables or the slot machines. A word of advice when you get to have the chance to go on a cruise ship with a casino: don’t burn your entire bankroll.


From Deck 4 where we were received, we went up two flights of stairs to Deck 5 where the casino, the Martini bar, and the lounge are located. Check out the classic chandelier hanging above the area which gives the feel of a five-star hotel.


The Grand Dining Room on Deck 5 is rich wood-themed and enriched with the use of upscale textile fabrics and oversized elegant armchairs. It emanates nothing but quintessential sophistication at sea. Hours can go by before you even want to consider leaving. At least, that’s what we felt standing in the middle of it all.


Here is that spot on Deck 10 for some peace and quiet reading — the English-style library that has over 2,000 book titles for you to choose from if you’re able to save enough to get on the ship.


We bet having those sweet desserts will make cruise ship passengers satisfied after their tasty meals at The Grand Dining Room on Deck 5. We thought we should ask how much a piece would cost, but thinking the exchange should be in dollars made us move away from the idea.


Martinis Bar on Deck 5 is the main spot where passengers could have their alcoholic beverages and cocktails in a low and quite tender atmosphere.


You can relax and have a good book with you too in the pool area on Deck 9 or just be lulled to sleep by the fresh sea breeze blowing on your face anywhere the ship sails.


Before lounging on these couches, fill your eyes with the ship’s wonderful collection of art pieces and black and white photos hanging on walls.