Photos from @saweetie on IG.

Picturesque El Nido town, which is known for its breathtaking beauty, has recently caught the attention of American rapper and singer Saweetie.

The rapper took to Instagram, where she has over 12 million followers, to share photos of her time in El Nido a week ago, showcasing its pristine beaches and scenic views.

In one, Saweetie can be seen wearing a black two-piece bikini with her back facing the camera. She captioned the photo with “doin the most saying the least 🤭.”

The phrase is a common expression that means someone is accomplishing a lot or going above and beyond expectations, without feeling the need to brag or talk about it excessively. It can also mean that a person is being extra or doing too much, but is not openly expressing their thoughts or feelings about it.

Photos from @saweetie on IG.

In the context of Saweetie’s Instagram caption, it could mean that she is living her best life and enjoying herself to the fullest, without feeling the need to announce it or explain herself to others.

Among her hit songs are Best Friend, featuring Doja Cat, My Type, and Icy Girl.

In another photo that she shared, Saweetie can be seen enjoying the beauty of a white sand beach in El Nido with a female companion. They both seem to be enjoying themselves, and she captioned the photo with “island gworls 🌴.”