“It is important for those who received the vaccine to remain in the center for 30 minutes for observation for any reactions from the Covid-19 vaccine.”

This was repeatedly emphasized by Dr. Maria Carmela Kasala, an Allergology and Immunology Specialist from UP-PGH, in the MIMAROPA Virtual Town Hall Meeting this morning.

Kasala said that the 30-minute waiting time will allow the vaccination team to observe any reactions, reactogenic or allergic, to the Covid-19 vaccine.

She said that many of the reactions recorded are reactogenic which are side effects when the vaccine is already stimulating the immune system.

Reactions such as pain or swelling at the injection site, headaches, muscle pain, tiredness, fever & chills, vomiting, and body aches may occur from mild to moderate but are usually gone within 1-3 days.  This can be managed by taking paracetamol or pain relievers, said Kasala.

Allergic reactions is an exaggerated immune response which may be mild reactions such as rashes, itchy skin, runny nose, sneezing which can be managed with anti-histamines. Although severe allergic reaction is rare, Kasala said that it is important to remain in the center, so in case it happens, the vaccination team could manage it with Epinephrine. This kind of reaction usually occurs within the first 30 minutes after injection. Epinephrine will be available in all vaccination centers.

Kasala said that to date, no one has died from anaphylaxis or severe reaction to the Covid-19 vaccines.

About 500 medical frontliners and health workers participated in the MIMAROPA Virtual Town Hall Meeting jointly conducted by the Dept. of Health Mimaropa Regional Office and the Philippine Information Agency MIMAROPA .  The meeting was conducted via Zoom and streamed live over the Facebook pages of the convenors. (VSM/PIA MIMAROPA)