Allegro Beverage Corporation formally opened its first store in Palawan on April 30, with MCV Daily Brew as the exclusive distributor in the province.

The company, known for its wide selection of coffee consumables, espresso machines, and brewing implements, aimed to introduce the Palaweño palate to their partner companies’ quality brews.

Allegro’s CEO, YasminVasquez,z noted that their team wanted to build a branch in Palawan since the area was known to have a lot of hotels. It was fortuitous that, as recently as last year, Vasquez would meet an exclusive distributor who also lived in Palawan and had the same passion for quality coffee as Allegro did.

“We already had a previous partner [in Palawan], but the partner—that was pre-pandemic, a year before the pandemic. Then he also had his own consultancy business so he was not really able to focus. By the time I came in last year nag-stop na yung partnership, which is why we started again, searching for a replacement,” Vasquez recalled.

Corazon Viado, President of MCV Daily Brew, was looking for exemplary suppliers for her coffee shop in Marikina, when she was led to Allegro.

“Si Allegro yung napili ko kasi maganda yung quality ng machines nila based sa review, and then sa service. Then pumunta sila sa shop namin, during conversation, nalaman nila na I’m from Palawan,” Viado said, adding that she would submit a letter of intent only months after their meeting, leading to final contract negotiations last November.

Viado expressed her confidence in the products and brews brought in by Allegro, saying that they would be a welcome change of taste from the usual coffee flavor profile that Palaweños were used to. MCV Daily Brew’s exclusive distributor status also gave them the proper platform to address their customers’ and partners’ needs.

“When you buy from us, maiko-cover namin lahat, we’re there to help you until ma-open mo yung shop. And part nun is siyempre kami na yung magre-recommend nung list of items na kakailanganin mo, then we’ll help you choose what type of machines, following [your coffee shop floor plan]. There is also the menu development, and then we’ll train your baristas, and after that (…) meron ng regular maintenance nung machines, MCV’s vision is to be a dependable partner of your business, providing all your needs currently and in the future as you grow,” Viado said.

A perfect blend
Viado, a certified coffee lover, started MCV Daily Brew as a passion project. The company was named after her initials, which also coincidentally happened to be the initials of members of her family, including her children.

She noted that while most coffee clients in Palawan are coffee shops, hotels, and other establishments, it was the Palaweño youth that started the demand for blended brews. MCV Daily Brew distributed the complete set of Allegro’s products and coffee implements, not just in coffee and espresso machines but in ingredients as well.

“Our usual clients, (…) in order for them to be able to serve that quality coffee, they need those basics. Beans, coffee grinders, espresso machines (…) At this stage, madami nang mga variants aside from the usual americano and brewed coffee. Especially mga kabataan, they wanted flavored coffees, so meron ding mga syrups, sauces, like caramel, dark chocolate, white chocolate. Allegro sources a wide range from quality suppliers around the world,” Viado said.

Allegro’s bread and butter has a diverse range of flavor profiles. Among their list of partners were Oatside, an oat milk product, and rich milk alternative for those with dietary restrictions, and Routin 1883, a gourmet syrup company—both products were used in samples during the shop’s opening ceremony at Fernandez St.

Allegro’s team of trained baristas concocted several samples for the local coffee shop owners who were present. Using the coffee consumables available in Allegro’s inventory, they made drinks such as a dark bitter tea tempered by a blend of passionfruit and lychee syrup, an incredibly nutty macadamia brown coffee, a pure blueberry syrup concentrate watered down into a juice, an iced matcha drink that blended smoothly with oat milk, and even buttered popcorn flavored coffee.

Vasquez noted that half of what makes a good coffee drink is a good barista, which is why Allegro made it a point to have physical training for all their dealers.

“All our brand partners na nagpo-provide ng equipment sa amin, they come to Manila twice a year to teach our people good service and sales on how to maintain and anything any upgrade on the teachers (…) Then we train our dealers to do the same, which is why we have exclusive distributors so that the quality is cascaded properly. We trust our after-sales service, so we don’t just look for clients and just end there,” Vasquez said.

Allegro’s hands-on approach to their clients meshed well with MCV Daily Brew’s long-term goals, as Viado expressed interest in opening an in-house barista academy training in the future, to go along with the other services offered by the supplier.

Tara, kape
“For the longest time, we [Filipinos] have really been coffee drinkers. It’s never really depleted. Medyo nag-in lang si bubble tea (…) But it does appear that we really have a coffee-drinking population. Because in the 1600s, we were part of the coffee belt so we were one of the few countries who really had the majority of exports of coffee products globally worldwide kaso nga lang nawala. Especially now, we are converting our plantations or our fields into subdivision or houses so paliit ng paliit ngayon yung farming natin,” Vasquez reflected.

The branch in Palawan was Allegro’s seventh exclusive distributor nationwide, a milestone that also marked Allegro’s silver anniversary this September. Vasques stated that it will take time for them to see what flavor profile Palawan will favor, as 24 years in the coffee business informed Allegro’s philosophy that coffee tastes vary from one culture to another.

After MCV Daily Brew was selected as a distributor, Viado was diligent in planning the logistics of the coffee shop’s routine, down to the couriers chosen to deliver the products from Allegro.

“We needed to build the showroom, naghanap muna ng location, and then naghanap ng dependable cargo since yun yung malaking challenge, since were on an island. Nakakita naman kami na exclusive na courier sa Manila [straight to] Palawan, so mas mabilis ng konti yung shipments,” Viado said.

“Previously, we only had one supplier here in Palawan so we aimed to give them options for the improvement of the coffee industry in Palawan.”

MCV Daily Brew is located at Mariana Building, Fernandez St., Puerto Princesa City, while their contact information can be found on their MCV Daily Brew Corp. FB page or you can message 09175368584.