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All of Us Are Dead takes the global stage by storm

All of Us Are Dead surged to the top 10 list (Non-English TV List) on Netflix, the world’s premier streaming entertainment service, almost immediately after its release, demonstrating the global strength and popularity of Korean content once again.

The trailer for All of Us Are Dead drew a lot of attention before it was released, with more than 16 million views in English-speaking countries alone. Its overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception has taken the world by storm, rewriting K-zombie history.

All of Us Are Dead is a Netflix series about teenagers stuck in a zombie-infested school. They must work together to stay alive until aid arrives.

According to Netflix’s website, as of February 2, All of Us Are Dead recorded approximately 124.79 million hours viewed within three days of its release and seized 1st place on the TOP 10 (Non-English TV) list in a staggering 29 countries.

File photo from Netflix

In addition, the series ranked in the Top 10 among an additional 62 countries, including the USA, Canada, Brazil, Greece, Russia, Spain, Italy, etc., announcing the start of a new global phenomenon.

Positive responses are pouring in from international critics and viewers.

“Like Squid Game before it, All of Us Are Dead, make the most out of its nightmarish central location to otherworldly, dizzying effect…Sequences like Cheong-san and Gwi-nam facing off on top of the library stacks, a tense tip-toeing mission down a hallway, and a mad dash across the auditorium to safety are impressively staged to bring the extraordinary and the ordinary together to thrilling effect,” Variety stated, appreciating the powerful images and nonstop action scenes.

In tandem with Guardian, which quoted, “Netfix’s Korean zombie show will blow you away,” myriad media outlets are flooding strong reviews such as “All Of Us Are Dead is the best zombie story I’ve seen in years. Netflix is breathing new life into the zombie genre,” (BUT WHY THO?)

“Everything You Expect from a High School Zombie Story, Just More of It,” (IndieWire)

“Paced like a bullet and emotionally resonant when it needs to be, Netflix’s new Korean zombie show makes for an immensely binge-able 12 hours of TV.” (The Indian Express)

Furthermore, enthusiasm from viewers around the world are continuing to pour in – “700 minutes of suspense that you can’t stop, but to binge-watch”; “The school cafeteria scene was the most authentic among all scenes in zombie series”; “A perfect layout of different characters and narratives”; “Top notch K-zombie series filled with suspense and emotions”; A must watch” – amplifying the global excitement.

All episodes of All of Us Are Dead – the ultimate YA zombie series – are currently streaming only on Netflix.

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