Netflix has revealed that the legendary South Korean webtoon All of Us Are Dead will have its world premiere on January 28, 2022, for zombie horror series fans.

All of Us Are Dead is a new original series that follows a group of teenagers stuck in a high school who find themselves in desperate situations while trying to escape a zombie invasion.

Netflix has released a teaser poster and clip capturing the overwhelming suspense, indicating yet another K-zombie syndrome.

A popular webtoon by Webtoon creator Joo Dong-geun inspired All of Us Are Dead, which has been dubbed a “Korean-style zombie graphic novel” because of its wild imagination, compelling storyline, and meticulous details. Since the announcement that Netflix will be translating the novel into a television series, the project has been eagerly anticipated by fans.

Director Lee JQ who touched off multiple crazes following the TV series Beethoven Virus, The Legendary Police Woman, and the recent hit film Intimate Strangers. And Writer Chun Sung-il known for his unlimited range across various genres with TV series LUCA: The Beginning, The Slave Hunters, and film series The Pirates partnered up to capture a group of teenagers’ desperate struggle for survival in just another ordinary school.

The cast of young, talented actors including Park Ji-hu, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon, Yoo In-soo, Lee You-Mi and Lim Jae-hyeok bring a youthful vibe, adding color to the show.

The eye-catching teaser poster features a school swept by horror and chaos. The blood-stained schoolyard, building engulfed in flames, and countless students trapped in the frenzied school intrigue the audience, providing a whiff of the wacky story taking place in a school that gives rise to a mysterious zombie virus.

The teaser for the release date offers a strong view into the tense conflict between zombie-infected pupils and survivors attempting to flee. It begins with a student in a school lab encouraging the audience to learn more about the virus that is wreaking havoc.

The horrific visuals of students infected by the mysterious zombie virus and stunning action set in different parts of the school are also a must-watch. Trapped in a virus-ridden school with no cellphones, no food, and nobody to take care of them, the students reach for desk lamps, bookshelves, and bows to defend themselves from zombies In a desperate fight for survival. All of Us Are Dead will open up a completely new chapter in the history of zombies with a story of daring teenagers who manage to find love and friendship even amidst a zombie apocalypse.

All of Us Are Dead, which marks the first-ever Korean teenage zombie survival challenge, is set to be released on January 28, only on Netflix.

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