CYDEX in the AJEX DAGITPA 2022 at the WESCOM training facility. | Photo from WESCOM Public Affairs Office

This year’s AJEX DAGITPA includes a Cyber Defense Exercise (CYDEX) to bolster the Western Command’s (WESCOM) ability to fend off cyberattacks.

WESCOM commander Vice Adm. Alberto Carlos stated that the scenarios presented in the two-week CYDEX are the ones that are recreated fairly close to reality. WESCOM is serving as the primary training unit for the AFP Joint Exercise Dagat Langit Lupa 2022, or AJEX DAGITPA.

He said that CYDEX makes meaningful benefits by bringing together the need to make the best decisions and the ability to handle stress and move as a team during a cyber crisis.

“The CYDEX will enable our forces to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of our infostructure and systems,” he said.

CYDEX aims to test, evaluate, and equip WESCOM and the various AFP Cyber Forces to conduct Cyberspace Operations in support of the AFP’s mission.

Together with AFP Cyber Group and Communications Center at the General Headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo, WESCOM said it is training to monitor, detect, respond, and recover from cyber attacks.

“The AJEX allows our cyber personnel to be highly proficient in warfighting functions in the cyberspace domain,” he added.