Travelers arrive at the Puerto Princesa International Airport. (Photo by Celeste Anna Formoso)

The cost of airline tickets to Palawan is expected to surge beginning in March due to the latest increase in fuel surcharge, as announced by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB).

In an advisory, the CAB said that it had raised the fuel surcharge to Level 6 from Level 5, marking the first increase this year after consecutive downgrades.

Under Level 6, passengers on domestic flights will face an elevated fuel surcharge ranging from ₱185 to ₱665, while those traveling internationally will incur an additional cost of ₱610.37 to ₱4,538.40.

These rates surpass the previous Level 5 charges of ₱151 to ₱542 for domestic flights and ₱498.03 to ₱3,703.11 for international routes.

By March, passengers flying between Manila and Puerto Princesa, and vice versa, can expect an increased charge of ₱388.

The same rates are anticipated for those headed to Iloilo, Bacolod, and Tacloban.

Passengers flying from Manila to Caticlan, Legaspi, Kalibo, and Roxas will encounter a fuel surcharge of ₱292.

Meanwhile, fuel surcharge rates vary for other destinations, including ₱513 for flights to Dumaguete, Tagbilaran, Surigao, and Siargao, ₱598 for Zamboanga, Cotabato, and Davao, and ₱665 for Manila-General Santos and Clark-Davao flights.

International travelers from the Philippines to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam will face a fuel surcharge of ₱610.37, while those visiting China will see an additional charge of ₱828.73.

Airlines will collect varying fuel surcharge amounts, including ₱844.16 for passengers flying to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, ₱949.51 for Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea, and ₱2,100.23 for Australia and the Middle East.

Fuel surcharges, designed to help airlines offset fuel expenses, are added fees on top of the base fare, representing the seat cost for passengers.