Agri tourism farm pushed in Palawan

(File photo)

Ex-officio board member Clarito Demaala IV is urging farmers in Palawan to consider turning their farms into agri-tourism destinations to provide them additional livelihood income.

He said Tuesday at the regular session of the provincial board that there are farms in many towns in the province that are suitable for agri-tourism.

“Other products or crops can be used in agri-tourism farms like strawberries in Baguio City, where tourists not only visit to buy but also to experience picking them,” Demaala said.

He said farm tourism also has the potential to ensure the sustainability of agricultural practices in the province due to the steady flow of income.

“We believe the development of farm tourism will create more livelihood sources and to improve the agricultural sector, as well as solidify Palawan as a tourism capital,” he added.

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