Administrative officers are scheduled for deployment in the third week of February to alleviate the workload and relieve public school teachers of tasks previously assigned to them, in accordance with the directive from Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte.

In compliance with Department of Education (DepEd) Order No. 2, Series of 2024, issued last month, the Schools Division Office in Puerto Princesa City has commenced the recruitment and processing of prospective administrative personnel to occupy 10 available items.

City DepEd Information Officer Cristy Ferriol stated that despite DepEd Order No. 2 allowing for a 60-day transition period for task turnover, they have already initiated the process of filling the positions designated by the DepEd Central Office.

“Ang ibinaba from Central Office ay sampung [AO] at saka project development officer na lima. Natapos na, nakaraan na nakaraang linggo pa yung hiring process. Next week yung deployment nila,” Ferriol said.

The City DepEd currently handles a total of 101 schools in Puerto Princesa City, which are already divided into 10 existing clusters managed by a district supervisor.

However, Ferriol stated that the DepEd regional office imposed a maximum limit of three schools per administrative officer (AO). Thus, the City DepEd is still awaiting re-clustering based on the geographical location of the schools.

“Yung dito ngayon, sampung cluster na hawak ng sampung district supervisors, so siyempre babawasan din naman yan yung mga schools dito na hawak ng mga assigned (…) depende sa size ng school,” she said.

“Ayon yung strategy na gagawin, kasi hindi naman kayang hawakan o i-provide ng DepEd yung 1:1, na isang school isang AO, lalo na’t meron tayong 75 [elementary] schools sa city, and 26 na high schools.”

DepEd Order No. 2 was disseminated on January 24 in an effort to reduce the workload of public school teachers, allowing them to concentrate more on classroom matters.

This was achieved by assigning administrative tasks, traditionally shouldered by teachers, to non-teaching personnel such as administrative officers.

Administrative tasks, as defined by the DepEd order, encompass “tasks related to the effective and efficient operations of schools or programs, projects, and services which are not directly related to teaching and academic learning.”

These tasks include, but are not limited to, custodianship of physical facilities within the campus, financial and records management, school disaster risk and reduction (DRRM) management, and administering feeding programs for malnourished students.