Photos from Ki Chiu's IG account @chinitaprincess

Actress Kim Chiu displayed the brilliant blue waters of Barracuda Lake in the northern Palawan town of Coron on her Instagram account on Monday, looking gorgeous in a blue and white two-piece bikini.

The co-host of the entertainment television program It’s Showtime took a vacation in Coron with her family, staying at the Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa, a 5-star eco-friendly resort on the Malaroyroy Peninsula in Bulalacao Island.

Barracuda Lake, which is surrounded by towering limestones, is one of two fresh and saltwater lakes in Coron Island that are popular sites for tourists. The other is Kayangan Lake.

Kim described her stay in the town as being “in a good place” by quoting the line “these are the moments, the moments we live for” from the song In Paradise.

“These are the moments, the moments we live for. Thankful for #giftoflife and #giftoffamily wouldn’t trade this for anything even on my next life still want to be part of this family,” she said as she expressed gratitude to her sister Kam Chiu and the resort management. Kim’s birthday was on April 19.

Among the other photos she shared was one where she was sitting on a lifeguard post, captioning it: “Just how I imagined where I wanted to be. Sat here for hours, no phone, just enjoying the view and [the] sound of nature”.

Kam, Twinkle, William, and John Paul had not seen Kim in a long time when they reunited in Coron. The last time they were complete, the actress said, was when their mother died.

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