Members of Coast Guard Substation in Roxas tow an abandoned fishing boat on Wednesday, August 14, 2019. (Photo courtesy of PCG)

An abandoned fishing boat was found half submerged Tuesday in the waters off Barangay Caramay, Roxas, the Coast Guard Substation (CGS) in the town reported.

The report to Palawan News said the fishing boat was marked “John Joseph.”

The abandoned motor boat “John Joseph” is shown in this photo after its towing from Brgy. Rizal to Brgy. Caramay in Roxas. (Photo courtesy of the PCG)

It was found by a certain Roldan Bayon-on, who tried to tow it to the nearest shoreline but failed because his own motor banca encountered engine trouble and drifted towards Barangay Rizal, Roxas.

On Wednesday, the CGS personnel and Bayon-on left for Rizal to tow the boat. It is now under their custody.

The CGS is calling on the owner of the fishing boat to coordinate with their office to claim it.