A Midsummer Nights Dream: Palawan’s First Dance Music Festival

Love Dance East 2015 (Photo by Art Oca)

A massive event is coming to the coastline of Puerto Princesa this summer. Evo Philippines, one of the biggest Electronic Dance Music event promoter in the country brings the first full scale outdoor electronic music festival in Puerto Princesa for its annual summer festivities  –”Panglipay sa Baybay”, April 29 this year.


With the Electronic music scene taking over the country by storm, Evo Philippines believe that this event will turnout a major success and boost not only the tourism but also the exposure of the people of Palawan on the latest festival scene. “The advocacy is to further enhance Puerto Princesa and Palawan’s lifestyle and socio- cultural exposure by promoting music, art, and tourism –drawing out and catering to the young and active festival-goers in the Philippines. The very design of the event, especially its scope, the tourism and travel element, is in itself a promotion of Palawan to the national festival scene and an alternative method of turning the wheels of the local economy through local cash circulation and cash inflow from visitors coming from all over the country who are intent in coming to Palawan and attending the festival along the process” according to the letter of Mr. Alvin Timbancaya Jr., Managing Director and Executive Producer of the said promotion to the City Tourism office.


Palawan and also Puerto Princesa City itself are known as one of the top travel destination island in the Philippines making it one of the most best picked location for electronic music event. With the increase in numbers of  tourist visiting the Puerto Princesa each year, Evo Philippines believes that Palawan is ready for such event and would want this to be the premier dance music festival in the region, creating another way of attracting tourist to be in Puerto Princesa for the summer.


The promotion group also said in their official letter that part of the proceeds goes to charity either through community outreach program via local/national NGO or a scholarship program via educational foundation.


Remarkably, one of the main attractions in some of the major cities around the Philippines is their music dance festival, one of this famous dance event is the ” Love Dance East” that draws a lot of tourists  in the sugar capital of the Philippines, Negros Island, a formidable electronic dance music festival that every EDM fan dreams of every August.


Electronic Music Festival often feature a large number of acts representing various EDM genres spread across multiple stage and have placed a larger emphasis on visual spectacles as part of their overall experiences, including elaborate stage designs with complex lighting systems, laser shows, and pyrotechnics, along with the attire of their attendees.


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