A Feast of Cakes

The Cake fest of Robinsons Place Palawan was held at its activity area on November 20-22, 2015 (Photo by Karina Mae Funesto)

Have you ever notice when we have important events in life like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or office parties that we always prepare a cake? We would find time in our busy schedule to look for the best cake in town, but there are too many bakeries to choose from! With this reason, Robinsons Place Palawan assembled bake shops from all over Puerto Princesa City to participate in a three-day cake fest last November 20-22, 2015.

The festival showcased varieties of sweet treats made by 18 exhibitors from all over Puerto Princesa City.
The festival showcased varieties of sweet treats made by 18 exhibitors from all over Puerto Princesa City.(Photo by Karina Mae Funesto)

“Robinsons Place Palawan conceptualized the idea, so that (the cake fest) would be a one stop shop for the shoppers of Robinsons. They are able to buy and choose their suppliers”, according to Ms. Preale Joy Rapues, event coordinator. The event was also held to acknowledge the fast approaching holiday season.

Cake Fest

Bakery shops and party planners were invited with the help (of cooperators like) “The Cupboard Project” who supplies baking materials. An online invitation was also sent out.

The exhibitors namely, “The Cupboard PROJECT, Sabie Bakes, Annielee’s Homemade Cake, Eve’s Creations, Torami, Allen Shooter, CUP/CAKES by: Chef Eugene, Nayro’s Kopi & Cakes, Senordamla/NEW LE DESSERT CAKES & PASTRIES, KAINAN SA KUYBA, jenny.bakes, Cafe Olé, HOME Chef GOODIES by Jessy, Pinkflour cakes and pastries, La Tiara’s YEMA CAKE, Mrs. B.’s BAKESHOP and TONG BALLOONS CAKES, FLOWERS AND PARTY NEEDS”, were given a place at the activity area where they showcased their personally designed booths and pastries.

The cake fest enabled the exhibitors to promote their business and also demonstrate their passion for baking. The event featured all kinds of pastries like muffins, cupcakes, and donuts. Most of the booths displayed theme-inspired layered cakes as centerpieces.

Bakers gonna bake

DSC_0050 (4)
Photo by Karina Mae Funesto

“Our family transferred here in Palawan,” Danna Dizon opened. Her passion is serving food. It gives her great joy to see people relish her creations. She hopes to someday set-up a humble baking school because she is also into training people. Ms. Dizon also shared that she got into baking at an early age. It would seem that bakers start young because Chef Eugene is also the case. “In baking, you just have to enjoy yourself,” he said. He hopes that the support for baking enthusiasts would flourish in the future.

For those of us who missed this three-day event, there will always be a next time.


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