Radzma and Bobby reported for duty in the farm early today, transported by the company vehicle with other employees from the city proper all the way to Barangay Bacungan. They are working part-time in the Yamang Bukid Farm, easily blending with the others, although they are only college students.

Radzma, a mountain hiker, and Bobby, a vlogger, are only two of the many scholars of the Yamang Bukid Farm. Just a couple of weeks from now, these two will march on the stage of the City Coliseum to receive their college diplomas from Palawan State University (PSU).


A young Muslim lass, Radzma Sabturani will be graduating at only 19 years old and is radiating all positivity with her captivating personality. She’s the daughter of a jewelry crafter and a businesswoman from the municipality of Sofronio Española, where she spent her childhood. Inevitably, Radzma has to be away from her family as she pursues a degree in BS Hospitality Management in PSU in Puerto Princesa.

It was not easy for Radzma to be away from her family. She had to get by with the limited allowance she was receiving from her family. Though it was hard to live alone while facing different challenges as a student, she admits that she learned so much and became independent in the process.

With the help of her older sister, Radzma was able to work in the Yamang Bukid Farm for the past summer, so that she would be able to earn on her own and spend the school break productively. She did very well in the tasks assigned to her. Always with a bright smile on her face, she assists visitors and guides them in their tours. She manages the store that was later named after her, Tindahan ni Radzma. It’s obvious she loves her summer job. And it seems that the experience is doing her well.

Her sense of initiative, love for work, and diligence captured the attention of Yamang Bukid, as it matches the motto of the farm which is, doing business with a heart. Radzma is a young lady worth emulating, and she was rewarded for it. She was later granted a full scholarship with allowances by the Yamang Bukid Farm, a great help for her last year in college, like her sister who was supporting her, Radzma has to build her own family already. It was true for her that when one door closes, another opens.

“Super blessed po ako kasi hindi naman lahat nabibigyan ng ganitong chance,” Radzma shared with a humble smile. She dreams of managing a hotel and restaurant and owning her own business in the long run.


Bobby Glenn Arzaga, who just recently turned 21, grew up in the municipality of Brooke’s Point, Palawan, but is currently residing in the city in order to study college for the degree of BS in Hospitality Management, just like Radzma. His mother is a teacher and his father is a farmer.

Despite being raised in a broken family, Bobby’s resilience shows in his fun, outgoing, and optimistic character. His friends do not have a dull moment when he’s around because he makes it a point to forget the stress and just carry on with life and see the silver lining. He and Razma, together with their friends, usually enjoy moments scouting nice places to have their photoshoots, making vlogs and enjoying adventures.

Last year, Bobby visited the Yamang Bukid Farm and decided to create a vlog featuring the farm. Being creatively done, the vlog entry captured many audiences on Facebook and became viral. Because of this, many people became curious about what and where Yamang Bukid is and decided to take a visit to the farm as well.

The Yamang Bukid Farm was pleased and grateful for the kind effort made and surprisingly gave Bobby a scholarship as well. Bobby, in turn, keeps on promoting the farm with his photoshoots, more vlog entries, and posts on social media, while continuously working part-time here.

Bobby has his eyes set on working on a cruise ship when he graduates and later on to have his own hotel and restaurant. With an attitude to look at life in a positive way, he may surely succeed in attaining his dreams.

“Mag-aral ng mabuti. Pahalagahan ang edukasyon. And stay humble.” Bobby encourages young dreamers like himself.

When asked to share a message to her fellow students and young people, Radzma knowingly said, “Everytime na iniisip mo na wala ng pag-asa, wag lang sumuko kasi may darating talaga. Pasensya lang, tiwala lang. Tiyaga lang lalo na kapag nag-aaral, especially pag college, kasi pag college talaga maraming struggles at stress. Ayun, tiyaga-tiyaga lang, kasi pag nagtiyga ka, matatapos mo rin. katulad samin, natapos din kahit papaano, at least.”

Yamang Bukid has long recognized many young people with exceptional attitude and talents. The company believes that in building young people’s dreams, many families and communities are benefited with all the potential this young generation holds. Who knows what great feats they may accomplish later in life that can even make a big difference to our nation.