Brigadier General Antonio Mangoroban Jr. (wearing sunglasses), the commander of the 3rd Marine Brigade, spearheaded a foot march through Puerto Princesa City alongside his troops and reservists on February 25. This exercise aimed to strengthen camaraderie and demonstrate their collective readiness. (Photo courtesy of 3MBde)

3rd Marine Brigade Commander Brigadier General Antonio Mangoroban Jr. led a 10-kilometer foot march through Puerto Princesa City on Sunday, with his troops and reservists outfitted in full battle gear.

Mangoroban said that the foot march was not only a demonstration of readiness for any event but also fostered camaraderie and physical endurance among his entire troops, soldiers of Marine Battalion Landing Team-9, and approximately 15 reservists.

He said the integration activity holds significant value for the marine reservists because it demonstrates their ability to keep pace and interact with their active-duty counterparts.

“Our reservists play a vital role in augmenting our forces during missions, and events like these ensure they are well-prepared and fully integrated into our operational framework,” Mangoroban stated.

Following the activity, he lauded the reservists for their commitment to readiness and their willingness to serve, describing these qualities as fundamental to the core values of the Philippine Marine Corps.