3 Filipino fishermen rescued by Chinese coast guard

The Chinese Coast Guard rescued three Filipino fishermen off the coast of Bangkuran.


The fishermen were identified as Rene Bancali, ship captain, an alias Gerald and a minor from Mindanao.


Inday Bancali, a relative of the captain, said that on August 3, the three went out to sea to fish but they were hit by strong winds and waves caused by an enhanced Habagat.


“The waves were as high as two storey buildings that capsized their boat. They were afloat for more than two weeks until they were seen by the Chinese Coast Guard patrolling the area and were immediately turned over to the Philippine Coast Guard,” Inday said.


The three fishermen are now under the custody of the PCG in Mindoro.


Bangkuran is 106 nautical miles south of the province.

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