The Retooled Community Support Program and the Revitalized Serbisyong Pulis sa Barangay Team of the 2nd Palawan Provincial Mobile Force Company (PMFC) conducted a livelihood seminar on “Rice Hull Charcoal Making” in Sitio Capalan, Brgy. Magara, Roxas on June 20.

The seminar aimed to impart skills to the residents of Sitio Capalan, enabling them to engage in rice hull charcoal production to enhance their livelihoods and agricultural practices. 

“Rice hull charcoal is produced through the incomplete or partial burning of rice hulls. It serves as an excellent fertilizer and soil conditioner, as it contains essential nutrients such as Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), and micronutrients that are vital for crop growth. In addition to its agricultural benefits, rice hull charcoal can be used as a water purifier, wastewater filter, pest control agent, and deodorizer,” the 2nd PMFC said.

The company also said that the initiative aligns with the 5-Focused Agenda of the Philippine National Police chief PGen Benjamin Acorda, Jr, emphasizing the importance of fostering unity and collaboration between the PNP, the Church, and the community to maintain a safe, orderly, and peaceful environment.

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