A 19-year-old man was allegedly raped by another man in an unfinished house in Barangay Irawan, August 11, after a drinking session by the river.

The victim’s family has sought the help of the city police in arresting the suspect whom they identified only as a certain “Lance”.

In an interview with Palawan News on Wednesday, the mother of the victim said they will file a rape case against the suspect whom they believe is now hiding.

“Dapat sana kahit bakla ‘yong anak ko respetuhin din. Kung sino man siya dapat magpakita siya. Sana mahuli siya kasi desidido kami na kasuhan siya,” the mother of the victim said.

She said that based on the examination conducted by the doctor on her son, he had lacerations and bite marks which are signs of rape or sexual assault.

The victim said he and a friend went to swim in Irawan River and had a drinking session. Lance, whom they only met at that time, joined them.

When he got drunk, he said Lance forced him to go to the house that is still being constructed and raped him.

“Naligo po kami sa Irawan ng friend ko na bakla rin. Nakisali siya sa amin, ang pakilala niya sa amin siya si Lance. Noong malasing kami, hinila niya ako papunta sa bahay at sabi niya uminom pa raw kami doon. Wala siyang pakialam sa kasama ko, ako ‘yong gusto niyang biktimahin kasi hinihintay niya na ako lang ang malasing,” he said.

He said when he was too drunk to walk and move, Lance forced himself upon him.

“Alam ko may ginawa siya sa akin kasi may mga parte ng katawan ko na masakit,” the victim said.

An official of the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) in Irawan who declined to be named said the incident occurred around 7:00 p.m. but it was reported to them around 7:51 p.m. by the friend of the victim through a call.

The barangay official said the caller who was at Zone 8 at the time of the incident was the one who led them to the victim who was found unconscious.