13-year old Palaweña Alysha Ariella Ricaplaza started her YouTube channel about three years ago to campaign for wildlife protection. | Photo by Diana Limjoco

With the advancement of technology, it is no surprise that children are now into vlogging.

Among them is a 13-year old Palaweña who has been using her YouTube channel and Facebook page to showcase the beauty of Palawan and its wildlife, and why it is important for kids like her to protect and love them.

Photo by Diana Limjoco

Alysha Ariella Ricaplaza said she started her YouTube channel My Palawan Life about three years ago. During the peak of COVID-19 lockdowns, she decided she will use her creativity through vlogging. She put together her videos from the last few months of 2020 to create her vlogs and upload them on the online video-sharing platform to show what Palawan can offer in these trying times.

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“I am using my old and new videos during the last few months of 2020 and editing them make, them into memories, and to share them with the world,” Alysha said.

“I created my [YouTube] channel for our country and to show people that there’s a lot of beauty wherever we go. And also there is beauty if we look at other places in Palawan,” she added.

Her first video tackled the Asian small-clawed otters which include the children of their staff.

“She started it with one of our staff children talking about the otters,” Diana Limjoco, a recipient of the Otter Oscar Awards by the 2020 International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF), said.

Ricaplaza said that it was also a way of letting her “inner creativity out”.  Also, Ricaplaza went on to praise the city’s biodiversity — one that she said she wants to explore.

“I started to upload more videos because it was a way to let my inner creativity out and show it to the world and I wanted to show my life in Palawan, that many other kids have experienced in their lives,” she said.

Even after the lockdown, she continued pursuing her interests in vlogging.

Aside from her YouTube channel, she has also created a Facebook page entitled “Palawan Kids for Animals” which she uses as a platform to show the beautiful animals in the city such pikoy (blue-naped parrot), dogs, and her otter.

“What inspired me to open a Facebook page is to show the animals that came our way and to show that if you look a little closer there is a different world all around us,” Alysha said.

Limjoco said her daughter has been helping their staff’s kids with their modules and is a “good ate (big sister) to younger kids”.

“She loves nature, and like many teens, she loves KPOP. She loves to bake. She loves to be with other kids, and is a good ate to younger kids. She helps our staff’s kids with their modules. She is loving and kind and very creative,” Limjoco said.

“She has helped rescue Palawan wildlife, such as musang/masked civet, a pangolin, otters, and four pikoys,” Limjoco added.

With the continuing threat of COVID-19, Ricaplaza still get to enjoy the beauty and nature of Palawan as they are just 10-minute away from Matahum beach.

“Always find the things that you love and continue to do it no matter what anyone says. To look more into our planet to see there’s more beauty into it. Especially those children here who get to see nature and learn about it more so we can save it,” Ricaplaza said. (with a report from Romar Miranda)

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