A joint seaborne patrol intercepted two fishing boats violating a municipal ordinance banning the use of fine mesh nets and compressors in Cuyo’s waters, resulting in the apprehension of 115 fishermen on Monday

The patrol operation on June 17, led by personnel from Cuyo Municipal Police Station (MPS), Magsaysay MPS, and members of Bantay Palawan, targeted the crew of fishing vessels Delbert 1 and Delbert 3 for violating Municipal Ordinance No. 2021-1883 in the waters of Brgy. Manamoc, in the said town.

During active anti-illegal fishing operations, the crew of Delbert 1, led by boat captain Gregorio Arguelles Abong and comprising 53 others, along with Delbert 3, led by boat captain Tonitchie Cañete and including 60 others, were apprehended.

According to the ordinance, which amends Article VIII of Ordinance No. 2015-1520, the use of fine mesh nets and compressors in fishing activities is strictly prohibited without proper authorization.

The intercepted vessels were found using fine mesh nets and lacked the necessary documents from authorities to operate in the area.

Upon apprehension, the fishermen were taken to Cuyo MPS for documentation and further legal proceedings.