(Photo from PCSDS)

A 10-year-old, accompanied by his grandparents, turned over a Sunda box turtle (Cuora cuoro cuoro) to the custody of the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS).

The child shared that the turtle was discovered within their residence at Purok Bayanihan, Barangay San Manuel, on March 29.

Despite initially desiring to keep the turtle as a pet, he recognized the importance of returning it to its natural habitat.

He cared for the turtle for three days, waiting until after the Holy Week to turn it over to the authorities.

The identified turtle, an adult female, falls under the category of “endangered species” as per PCSD Resolution 23-967.

PCSDS urges citizens encountering live wildlife to refrain from disturbing them and to allow them to remain in their natural environment. However, if an animal is in immediate danger, individuals are encouraged to contact the PCSDS Wildlife Enforcement Unit (WEU) hotlines at 09319642128 (TNT) and 09656620248 (TM), or the PCSDS Front Desk hotline at 0935-116-2336 (Globe/TM) and 0948-937-2200 (Smart/TNT) for assistance. Concerned individuals may also reach out via the PCSDS Facebook page for further inquiries or assistance.