10 Instagrammable Municipal Booths at the Baragatan sa Palawan

Baragatan sa Palawan Festival 2018 is in its final week, and we agree that part of enjoying this festivity is taking lots of picture-perfect spots and posting them on your Instagram. So for all the Instagrammers out there, we suggest you check out these 10 Instagrammable booths at the Municipal Agro-Trade Fare where you can have a selfie or groupie with your family and friends.

Brooke’s Point

Looking at the booth of Brooke’s Point, you will conclude right away that it prides itself on having a vast coconut plantation. This town that celebrates Coconut Festival beautifully adorns its booth with coconut husks and shells.


From a distance, Busuanga’s booth is an eye-catcher, thanks to the life-sized giraffe that grabs the attention of every passerby. Entering, you will be struck by its interesting handicrafts of different sizes that are up for grabs at reasonable prices.


If you don’t know much about Coron, you might probably wonder why they design their façade this way. With its bay shaping a bit like an earthen pot, its first settlers named the place “Coron,” a Cuyunon word for pot.


A giant tipay or pearl oyster serving as façade makes Culion’s booth appealing. Moving closer, you’ll see that it’s made of an assemblage of varnished pearl oysters gathered from pearl farms in town. Inside, there are also pearl oysters that form like flowers.

El Nido

Its stunning karst cliff façade is what leaves every visitor to El Nido’s booth in awe. Inside the booth, there’s a man-made water catchment with outrigger tour boats, giving everyone a glimpse of what it’s like when they visit this tourist town.


Another native-designed booth is Magsaysay. The plywood bearing the word “Magsaysay” is sprinkled with wood fibers, while its sidewalls are blanketed with banana trunk fibers. These and more make this booth exceptional.



Dubbed as the province’s rice granary, no wonder Narra designs its booth akin to a storehouse brimming with the town’s bountiful rice harvest. Of course, you can buy Narra’s premium rice and other rice-based snacks here.


In and out, Rizal’s booth is totally made of rattan, a climbing plant that grows abundantly in this town. If you happen to drop by, you can buy their biday (rattan matt), which you can use for future beach or riverside picnics with your family.

Sofronio Española

A visit to Sofronio Española’s booth is as if you’re going to a festival of colors. Here, you will get to see bags and baskets in different weaving patterns and colors, masterfully crafted by indigenous Muslims who migrated from Mindanao.


Another head-turner is Taytay’s booth, which is awesomely embellished with rattan-made products. Nito plates, furniture sets, baskets, lampshades and dried fishes are just some of the nice buys here.

Remember, Baragatan is now on its final week, and for those who haven’t been at the Provincial Capitol Complex, we encourage you to visit these Instagram-worthy booths. In case you did, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram (@palawan_news_official)!



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