Young female professional org celebrates JCI Week in Palawan with various activities

A series of outreach activities were conducted by the JCI Puerto Princesa Peacock, Inc. (or Peacock Jaycees) as part of the JCI Week celebration on April 16-22, 2017.

This year’s theme “United In Strength, United In Creed, ONE JCI” aimed to strengthen the unity of the JCI community in the Philippines to achieve the purpose of the celebration.

The young female professional organization made sure the week-long celebration embodied the JCI Creed.

The organization, together with other JCI chapters in Palawan Region commenced the JCI Week with a Holy Mass which was held at the NCCC Mall Activity Center.

On April 17, the Peacock ladies went to the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm (IPPF) for a ceiling installation project called “Panangga sa Init, Panangga sa Sakit.”

This project was aimed at helping lessen the cases of residents, who suffer from illnesses like pneumonia, cough, fever, and heat stroke due to too much sunlight exposure.

The Iwahig dancing inmates together with the Peacock ladies also had a Zumba dance event – a little fun interaction to build camaraderie and promote healthy body exercise.

This was followed on April 18 by the conduct of the Financial Literacy Seminar –Piso Palawenyo, a 1-hour seminar headed by the Palawenyo Savers Club which engages in micro-entrepreneurship.

Around 30 attendees were lectured on how to perfectly save, invest and earn money. They also learned some tools and strategies on how to maximize capital income for business.

Aside from the financial literacy seminar, the Peacock ladies also gave free on hand lecture on water coloring and dream catcher-making for 60 kids to develop their creativity and imagination. A cake decorating seminar was also conducted on the 3rd day, which benefited 50 persons.

The “Peace is Possible” activity followed on the 4th day of the JCI Week celebration. The activity was about a seminar on anti-bullying that was attended by 40 kids from Barangay San Miguel. The kids were taught about understanding the circumstances of bullies and the victims.

Human development is the focus of the 5th day activity, where the JCI Puerto Princesa Peacock conducted a seminar on how to deal with difficult people. This was participated in by hotel front-liners for them to understand more abour how to handle situations with guests and clients.

They also had think green–skip a straw save a turtle project MOA with restaurants and hotel owners, to encourage them to lessen the use of drinking straw that is a marine debris which causes turtle for choking.

On April 21, the 6th day of the JCI week celebration focused on Moms with the project called “INAruga: Ang tamang pag-aalaga sa INAng nag-aaruga. Around 60 mothers and soon-to-be moms from Barangay San Manuel were given pre-natal and post-partum seminar.

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