“I will give your share from Malampaya” Duterte assures Palaweños

Rev.Fr. Pepito Rollo-prays-for-presidential-candidate-Rodrigo-Duterte-and-Vice-Presidential-candidate-Allan-Peter-Cayetano-and-senatorial-candidate-Dante-Liban

Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte assured Palaweños during his visit to Puerto Princesa City today, April 7, that he will give the share of Palawan from the Malampaaya gas-to-power project if he wins in the May 9 elections.


According to Duterte, the country is very poor right now and he jokingly said that he will borrow the 50% of the around P70B share of Palawan.

Duterte said he is going give to give the share of Palawan from Malampaya if he wins,
Duterte said he is going give to give the share of Palawan from Malampaya if he wins,

“I will give you the money pero tirahan n’yo naman kami. Ibigay ko pero utangin ko muna ang kalahati kasi mahirap ang Pilipinas ngayon,” Duterte said.


Together with Duterte is his running mate Allan Peter Cayetano who said that Palawan is a very rich province in terms of natural resources and if federalism will push through the revenue will even go higher.


Duterte arrived Puerto Princesa City 4 o’clock in the afternoon. He was welcomed by a  huge crowd waving their hands and flaglets along the road. His first stop was at the Provincial Capitol where he was welcomed by Governor Jose Chavez Alvarez. Like his previous sorties, he also went to the Immaculate Conception Cathedral where he prayed before he paid courtesy to the Rev. Fr. Pepito Rollo, the Parish Priest of the city.


Aside from the people along the streets, a huge crowd are assembled at the  Puerto Princesa Baywalk. Most of the people attending the sortie of Duterte  are from the different municipalities of Palawan.


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