When there’s a Smoke …

The dug hole in Mt. Aquado (Photo proved by Medy Beroy)

The cat is out of the bag!

I’m talking about the local media finally picking up my article about the alleged illegal mining activity in Mt. Aguado, the only mountain (or is it a hill?) in Cuyo Island.

The locals grumbled that a longtime resident is in cahoots with someone powerful on these diggings. The not-so-local resident got in trouble a few years back for doing something no true-blooded local would ever do. Little birdie told me that he allegedly got a portion of this sacred mountain titled in his name. Now he is allegedly conducting an illegal mining activity. How he managed to do that is a $64M mystery.

Archie Barone, a news reporter at DWAR – RMN Palawan reached out to me recently. He informed me that he also came from Cuyo. He asked questions about the issue in Mt. Aguado. I told him that since he’s a media practitioner, he’d better go to Cuyo to investigate. He pressed for more questions. But I stood pat in my decision that he’d better go there, ask the locals and dig deeper into this.

Aside from warning him that someone powerful is allegedly behind this fiasco, I refused to tell him more. I advised that if he is not dauntless or has no powerful connections, he’d better not start it. That’s one way of protecting my sources. People trust me enough to say things when there are no avenues to ventilate such issues.

Due to its sensitivity, it took me more than a year before I wrote about the diggings in Mt. Aguado. I hope that there is no permanent damage to it yet.

Archie sent me his news article in my inbox. Mayor Andrew Ong of Cuyo told him in an interview that the locals have complained about these diggings. No one allegedly approached him to ask for a mining permit to operate locally.

Mayor Ong called for an investigation. People go to Mt. Aguado during Holy Week so he wants to keep it intact. The reports confirmed that there is a deep dug hole at Station 11th (sources told me it was at Station 12th) but it belongs to Brgy. Igabas, Magsaysay. He instructed the nearby barangays to closely monitor the diggings and encouraged his constituents to report any unusual activities.

When there’s smoke, there’s fire!

Let’s watch for more developments…

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