Underground River management plans to raise entrance fee

Puerto Princesa City Underground River (file photo)

The management of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is contemplating of raising the entrance fee going to the Underground River for the maintenance of the cave and development of Sabang Wharf but this plan has to undergo approval of the City Council.


Park Superintendent Elizabeth Maclang said that they are proposing a raise from P175.00 for local tourists to P250.00, and P350.00 for foreign tourists.


Maclang reiterated that the raise is timely and urgently needed  to upgrade the facilities of the Park.


She said that since 2008, the PPSRNP is not dependent on the Internal Revenue Allotment of the government instead, it is “self-sustaining.”


Kung ano ‘yung kinikita ng PPUR, ‘yun ang ginagamit sa operation. Tayo nalang yata ang heritage site na may pinaka-mababang rate so hangga’t maaari kinakailangan na sana natin itong maitaas,” she said.


She clarified however, that the raise in the entrance fee is not final yet as it awaits approval of the City Council.


She assured that once the entrance fee increase is approved, they will inform all travel agencies and other stakeholders to avoid misinformation and confusion.

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  1. Why the different price structure for locals and foreigners? I have never been there but planning to go in April. Do foreigners get a better tour than locals? Don’t assume foreigners have more income than locals.

  2. The thing is that today a tourist who plan a trip to Palawan is forced to buy a tour with an agency, at much higher price. To get a personal (walk-in) permit, a tourist need to come to the PPC office in person, and the same-day permit may be not available when they do. Most tourists would not risk not getting the permit, some plan to within the UR in the morning next day the arrive. This way, the current rules don’t leave such tourists a choice other than buying a tour.

    The obvious solution to this would be to start selling the permits online, from the web site. And this will not even require an investment from the government because the web site can be supported by an per-purchase online processing fee.

  3. Nelson Mandela was fighting all his live to get rid of apartheid system: but still LGU’s are still charging the foreigners to pay more.
    It should be the other way around because they have to travel from Europe or Americas to come here and their International flights are not “low cost”.
    Also by experience, foreign tourists would prefer to walk to PPUR instead to take the noisy boats and to do the tour by themselves without TTO.
    But not the “poor” local tourists would prefer to seat in a aircon van, take a boat trip to PPUR and seat on the paddle boat and come back quick to their air-con hotels: all organised by Travel & Tours with a tour guide in case they might get lost on the way…
    By the way, you Environmental fee of 40 pesos is too low because your “poor” local tourists are bringing a lot of junk food in plastic or polystyrene boxes and they are too proud to bring back their own garbage…

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