TRENDING: Christmas Party Games

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Tired of the same old Christmas party games like Trip to Jerusalem and The Boat is Sinking? Try these trend-inspired games instead!

Some games require teams. At the beginning of the Christmas party, divide everyone into teams with three persons each. There should also be a mediator team.

Tanim Bala

What you’ll need: paper bullets depending on the number of teams, (10) bags with many pockets and items inside, timer

How to play: Place the bags at the center of the room. Remember: A paper bullet should have already been placed in one of the bags by the opposing team while the playing team is outside the room. The playing team is then told to enter and timed until one of them finds the bullet. The bullet finder then runs to the mediator from across the room to stop the timer. The team with the shortest time wins.

Dub Me Like You Do

What you’ll need: A bowl filled with titles of hit or viral songs, soft copies of the songs, speaker

How to play: This game can have as many participants as you want. The participant draws a paper from the bowl. He/she then has to sing-along to the song with vigor and acting. The audience will then pick the winner.

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On the Spot Alma

What you’ll need: The mediator team collects uncommon or difficult terms of science and law. They write it on paper and put it in a bowl. With each term, they assign three definitions with one being the correct meaning. For the 2nd round, the mediator team writes each word of a definition of a term into individual rectangular paper cut-outs. They jumble these words. They must have sets of this definition depending on the number of teams.

How to play: Each team picks their Alma. This game is composed of two rounds. For the first round, the Alma draws a paper from the bowl. A mediator recites the three definitions and then the Alma picks the answer he/she thinks is the correct one. Each Alma gets four tries. He/she gets one chance to get help from his/her teammates. The Alma with the highest score wins the round. For the second round, the mediator team gives the sets of definition to each team. All the teams must assemble their own set to form a coherent definition of the term given by the mediator team. They will be given 1 minute to assemble. The first team to finish or the definition closest to the true meaning wins.

Pin the Luna

What you’ll need: a large image of Heneral Luna without his cap, scotch tape, printed images of his cap depending on the number of participants, blindfold.

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How to play: Place the image of Heneral Luna on a wall. Draw an “x” on top of his head where the cap should be pinned. Each participant will be given an image of the cap. Before blindfolding the 1st participant, let him/her see the spot where he/she should pin the cap. Proceed to blindfold the participant then spin him/her until he/she gets a bit dizzy. Continue until all participants have tried pinning the cap. The participant who pinned the cap closest to the correct spot wins.






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