Third District Rep. Acosta prefers Con-Ass over Con-Con

Third District Representative Gil Acosta said on Saturday, August 6, that he prefers a Constitution Assembly (Con-Ass) over a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) or People’s Initiative as an approach in changing the country’ government system, citing that the former offers more advantages.

Acosta said he acknowledges the criticism on Con-Ass, namely that it is potentially self-serving for the congressmen. He cited, however, that the people should trust their elected representatives. “Siguro naman, may tiwala kayo sa inyong mga Congressmen, kaya niyo nga ibinoto.” (Translation: “Surely you trust your Congressmen, that’s why you voted for them”).

Acosta believes that Con-Con can also be good but that it will require a longer process since “we will elect another delegation who will study and facilitate the changing of government system”. The lawmaker also added that it is estimated the government will spend around PhP 7B for Con-Con.

Despite his preference, the congressional representative of Aborlan and Puerto Princesa nonetheless underscored that there must still be consultations and dialogues among their constituents before an approach is selected.

Lastly, Acosta shared that the current push for a constitutional change is much easier, given President Duterte’s faith on the Congress. Following the President’s pronouncement in his SONA that he wishes for a change in the country’s government system before his term ends, Acosta believes that if the administration will stick to the deadline, the approach will really be a Con-Ass.

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