Things you can do when spending the Christmas alone

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Being happy


  • Haven’t decorated your house yet for the Christmas season? Start decorating now! Be creative and resourceful. Try making your own Christmas ornaments by using recyclable materials. You may use your unused Christmas cards or wrappers, magazines and etc. To spice things up, attempt to make the longest garland in your community and donate it after. It would help boost the Christmas spirit.
  • Buy yourself the one thing that you wanted for a long time. Remember, you should at least buy yourself a present once a year. While you are shopping, why not buy presents for your loved ones and have it sent to them? Don’t ever forget to share your blessings with your family even though you are far away from them. If there is still money left from your Christmas shopping, why not buy some things like books, clothes, toys and etc. that you can donate to an orphanage. You can be their Mr. /Ms. Santa Claus for the year.


Pamper yourself for the day

  • Was this a stressful year for you? Were you too busy with work that you never had the chance to make an appointment at the beauty parlor or even try to make homemade facial mask and body wash for yourself? Take this time to pamper yourself. Make an appointment at your beauty parlor. You can try their hair spa, have a manicure and pedicure or you can also try a new haircut which you think would best fit you. Now that the year 2015 is ending, why not welcome 2016 with a new look.


Lay on your butt

  • Do you love watching movies but can’t because of your busy schedule? Why not have a one day movie marathon all by yourself? That would be fun, you can prepare your own popcorn to go with it.
  • For those who prefer reading books. Read the books that you didn’t have time to read.
  • For people who love to eat, why not buy your favorite food/s whether it is chocolates, junk food, fruits or nuts then slowly savor every bite you take.



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