The True North

Many may not know that the earth’s navigational system observes two north:  the magnetic north, and the true north.


The true north points exactly towards the geographic North Pole. It is always constant, ever reliable, and never changes. You will never get lost.


Magnetic north, on the other hand, shifts overtime as the earth’s core changes—a phenomenon called “magnetic declination.”  The declination varies per areas, and may be as insignificant as 2 to 2.5 degrees every hundred years, or as active as one degree every three years.


Because magnetic compass is most commonly used and most accessible to all, our maps are oriented by magnetic north. If you are navigating short distances, you may find yourself about 30 meters to 50 meters off track; however if you are navigating long distances, you may find yourself in the next town of your preferred destination.


In the same way, this world is being pointed out to wrong orientations slowly but powerfully. We are seriously suffering from moral declination. Society is turning around towards barbarism in guise of freedom, rights and personal choice. And as more people believes that the most righteous thing to do is reward everyone that “privilege,” our moral standards are collapsing, one issue at a time, which seems to be harmless and in fact, noble, until one day we wake up taken by surprise and disoriented—one generation lost.


I look at our showbiz industry and see how boys and girls are being marketed as love teams at very young age—sometimes not even at puberty stage. And we wonder why teenage pregnancy is rising. Do you know that Palawan topped in teenage pregnancy cases in MIMAROPA in the most recent survey? How couples are getting younger these days! Blatantly in public display of affection, disgusting parents who know how the parents of these confused children are toiling their backs days, and maybe even nights, just to provide for their future.


Sexually explicit are themes now in media as ordinary as yesterday’s trash. The latest hype Pangako Sa Iyo was warned by MTRCB for using words in dialogue too offensive in the ears. I am not being righteous here, but I am sure you are not also comfortable to use those sexually explicit words to address your daughters, either. Or mothers. Or sisters.


Dresses which I am sure was originally designed to cover now intends to expose. Mothers find it cute to dress up their toddlers and growing children in tubes and barely theres, and are surprised when, as the little girls become young ladies, find them dressed half naked. And we squirm when we hear of missing girls and discover dead bodies of raped women.


We praise brute leaders who kill criminals and accused alike and call this scheme justice. But we prefer to have one community starve to death because of lack of opportunity in order to protect a few nests of birds. Such hypocrisy.


We are wandering away from the true north; for the basis of morality, the natural law. The teachings of our old men, the statutes of our faith, the saving power of our God. But even our faith—our religious orientation, which formerly teaches us into respecting ourselves, our neighbors and our society in general, we distort for our own pleasures.


Irish statesman Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” But then, a famous online meme is truer than that, which says, “The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”


In this day and age, who will speak the truth, and who will love to listen to it?







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